Astrological Remedy

Astrology remedies are a means to heal, not prevent every possible loss. Your karma manifests in this life so there is no running away from it. You also need to experience pain, learn from your mistakes and only then true healing begins. Letting go, charity, fasting, volunteering are few effective ways but all remedies should be done with a serious approach and sense of responsibility and not to be carried out as barter with God.

The interval from birth to death is called lifespan. As a result of the kind of karma that a person does in previous births, the planets in a person’s birth chart have corresponding positions. According to the position of the planets in the natal horoscope, a person lives a life. According to the auspicious or inauspicious placement of the planets, a person enjoys all kinds of auspicious or inauspicious results. Due to the favorable position of the planets, the human body is healthy, the mind is happy, the person is strong-minded and high-spirited. A man becomes learned, rich and wise. A person can create its own unique identity in the society. Earns money by doing good deeds and married life becomes orderly and happy. A person becomes a believer in God and becomes calm, simple and virtuous. Thus, it the planets are inauspiciously placed at the time of birth, the person will face various problems during his life. He suffers from physical ailments and fails in studies. There are frequent obstacles in professional life. Marital life becomes miserable and relatives treat them as enemies. Always have to struggle and neglected in the society. A person cannot fulfill his minimum needs.

In order to keep the human body healthy, to make life happy and to make the course of life simple and smooth, the sages have prescribed many types of remedies in their divine books. Among them, Gemstone Remedies, Pooja Remedies, Mantra Chanting and Stotra Recitation Remedies, Yantra Remedies and divine tree pooja and cheramula Dharana Remedies are the best.


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