How to choose a good astrologer?

An astrologer who follows these basic principles of astrology can be a good astrologer:

  1. The astrologer should know how to co-relate the present horoscope with your past life. An astrologer who doesn’t know how to co-relate your horoscope with your past life then he can’t be a good astrologer. 
  2. The astrologer should know how to verify your accurate birth time before doing any analysis or giving predictions. 
  3. An astrologer should have some essential qualifications with a mathematics background. That means a good astrologer is an outcome and a combination of intent, intuition, practical, experience, and some essential qualifications. Because practical experience at large is bragged and no doubt helps, but in modern times accuracy in mathematical calculation plays a great role. 
  4. A good astrologer should advise you on how to keep the negative planets and combinations pacified and deactivated. 
  5. Any astrologer who only talks about planetary combinations which are fixed in the birth chart and ignores how to use transits to mold the results can’t be a good astrologer. 

 Also, an astrologer’s choices can depend on your own wisdom and skills. Below is a parameter that may help a person to find a good astrologer: 

  1. A good astrologer can’t have specific areas like the best astrologer in India, Delhi, Mumbai, and like that. A good astrologer will be good and the best astrologer will be irrespective of any geographical boundaries. 
  2. One must check if the readings will be done by the astrologer himself rather than assigning the junior staff of Acharyas down the line. 
  3. Also, check if the astrologer has the required essential qualification and complete insight into folic. 
  4. The astrologer must have reasonable practical experience. 
  5. Check the 3rd party references about the astrologers’ own websites or channels. 
  6. Check what people say about the astrologer.

Note: After being concerned with a good astrologer you also need to purchase the remedy products from a good astrology and Vastu product shop. Otherwise their chances of being cheated.

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