What is the effect of Neptune in the 10th house?

Effect Of Neptune in 10th House Of Kundli: 10th Place Neptune in 10th indicates progress in career. Especially in government jobs, they get good success, authority and status. These people gain fame in the field they are in. Advocacy when Jupiter-Neptune is in auspicious yoga.

Or success in the field of justice. When Neptune is here, you often have to do jobs and businesses that are against your mind. With Neptune in tenth in the chart of women, such women are intelligent, very sensible and prudent, with a forgiving attitude. Behaving-talking etc. Everything is weighed and measured. She also gets a husband who is a high ranking officer. matrimonial

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The Neptune in the 10th House person is an extremely compassionate, spiritual individual who wants to devote his or her life to the service of others. This person will have a great interest in metaphysical areas.

Music and art may be incorporated into work for the purpose of furthering spiritual evolution. The work that this person chooses to do may involve helping others, as well as philanthropic work or work for religious causes.

If you have Neptune in the 10th house, you are likely to have a need to transform your environment and find a new role for yourself in some way. After all, you feel that life is all about change and that the things which you are attached to now will not be necessary in the future.

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