What is the effect of Neptune in the 11th house?

Effect Of Neptune in the 11th House

When Neptune is in the eleventh benefic house, the family of friends is large. But friends are not very good. Financial status fluctuates. Also, this Neptune is not good for the happiness of siblings. A good experience of this Neptune is that it completes the education, however, usually without any obstacles. He likes social work.

Neptune in this position in the chart of women harms fertility. The progeny are more likely to be capricious, and addicts and spoil the reputation of the family. Women with Neptune here are often whimsical and fall prey to a fantasy or an impostor.

Neptune in the 11th House people is very idealistic. They find it hard to accept the grimier side of human nature and are quick to see only the best in people and situations. They are often very talented or at least quite capable, but they tend not to apply themselves in a consistent fashion.

If this is because of a lack of self-discipline, this placement tends to bring a later reward, although the price of disappointment when the dream is shattered is great. 11th House Neptune people love charities and support any cause that appears to benefit mankind or animals. 

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What Does Neptune in the 11th House Mean?

Neptune in the 11th House is a dreamer, idealist, and visionary. There is poetry and mystical spirituality associated with this placement. They have vivid imaginations and strong empathy toward others. They may be involved in publishing, short stories, or creative writing. They can be naturally charming and very sincere.

However, they are prone to becoming lost in their own imaginings or held back by their idealism or indecisiveness. Neptune in the 11th House people is dreamers and idealists, usually extremely artistic and creative, with strong compassionate streaks.

Their imaginations have a high psychic level of sensitivity, and they are one of the most intuitive sign placements in traditional astrology. They are most often misunderstood by others; because Neptune rules everything that is mysterious to others, it also rules delusions and addictions that can occur from an over-sensitivity to fantasy.   

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