What is the effect of Neptune in the 12th house?

People with Neptune in the twelfth house face many sorrows or sadness and troubles or problems in their lives. So, these individuals who have got Neptune in the 12 houses often become reclusive or alone in later life. Troubled by secret enemies. Neptune in yoga of benefit planets creates spiritual progress.

Women who have Neptune in this position in the chart of women soon get tired of the world. Sometimes a hypocrite will harm himself by listening to the sound of a bully.

People with Neptune in the twelfth house are frequently spectators rather than participants. Although they have lofty goals, they are sometimes hesitant to put them into effect. Natives with Neptune in this location show compassion for those in need, which may lead them to give away too much of themselves. 

Neptune in 12th House Woman:

The Neptune in the 12th House woman is mysterious and has a tendency to lose herself completely in her emotions, dreams, and relationships. She also has a tendency to act out her unconscious urges in an imaginative or creative way.

This woman also has a very deep and intense imagination, there are times when she may even confuse fantasy with reality. The woman with Neptune in the twelfth house of her horoscope has deep and thoughtful thoughts. She is secretive.

 Neptune in 12th House Man:

The Neptune in 12th House man will show that he has a great ambition in the future which can make him a successful person. He is an inspiration and also influential.

There are some secret, hidden motives in his character. He may hide the true feelings towards other people or about some events or activities from you, but in a hidden way he exists with you.

The Neptune in 12th House man has a rich inner life and may be drawn to careers that allow him to live vicariously.

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