How to solve child problems by astrology?

Along with these houses and their respective lords, the planet Jupiter too is considered to be the main factor when trying to have children. Jupiter in astrology is concerned as the giver planet, and its blessing on the native is hence necessary for childbirth. 

The 5th house is the main house to see the blessing of a child in a horoscope. Other houses to be seen are the 2nd house (house for family) and 11th house are responsible for gains and fulfillment of desires through children.

When you don’t have children after a long time of marriage then there are some problems in your horoscope or children’s house. So if you want to solve the problems then you may need astrology or an astrologer’s help. Astrologers check your horoscopes and the house which problems are child problems then they give you some advice or solution to those.

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