What is the differences between astrology and astrologer?

Astrologer is a person who believes that the position of the stars and planets determines an individual’s personality and future and also they use astrology to tell others about a person’s character or to predict their future. Astrology, on the other hand, is the belief that the positioning of the stars and planets affects the way events occur on earth. 

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An astrologer without astrology can’t be able to determine an individual person’s personality and character or future. So that means astrology plays a main role for an astrologer. Because an astrologer checks a person’s various types of planets by the use of astrology then they get a solution or conclusion to the problems. 

Basically, there are 3 types of astrology here that astrologers use. Such as 1. Vedic astrology, 2. Western astrology and  3. Chinese astrology. But one astrologer uses both astrology and gets the solutions of any type of problem.

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