What is the effect of Venus in astrology?

Venus is a natural benefic planet like Jupiter. It moves away from the Sun by a maximum of 48 degrees. Venus is known as the planet that affects youth and beauty, also creates attraction between men and women, marital harmony and female happiness.

Reproduction is natural in every living animal in the herd. In order for this process of reproduction to continue unhindered, physical attraction i.e. libido is created between male and female. Venus is the causal planet of that libido. Because of libido, Venus produces semen. It is for this reason that spermatozoa are called spermatozoa that natural reproduction through spermatogenesis is the function of Venus.

Venus is also the ruler of romance and beauty. Venus represents the period of youth where the beauty of life blossoms. At the borderline of puberty, the passion for romance begins. The waves of love begin to rise in the mind is the work of Venus. Therefore Venus is the ruler of love and romance.

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Venus is a female planet and is feminine. Therefore, wife and marital harmony are considered from Venus. This should be thought from the seventh house of Venus and Venus. Many times one gets a partner of the Rasi or Lagna which is in the seventh of Venus.

For love marriages and love affairs, the relationship of Venus, Mars, Rahu, and the position of Venus are seen in the horoscope. (This has been discussed in detail in the chapter ‘Marriage and Marriage Happiness’). The transit of Venus is observed while determining the timing of marriage.

If both Venus and Saptamsthan are malefic in the chart, the wife dies before him and if both are very strong, the wife lags behind.

Venus is the karaka planet of semen, so a strong Venus in the chart becomes procreative. If Venus is debilitated in the chart, the libido is strong and due to loss of semen, the body becomes tired and weak, and the body becomes dull.

In Nisarga Kundali, Venus is Dwitiyesh and Saptamesh. 2nd place means family place, Vacha or Vani place. Hence the family life, the sweetness of the voice (looks at the throat from Dhanasthan). Singing etc. Venus is the factor of. So the seventh house indicates pleasure. Hence sexual pleasure comes under the rule of Venus. But other means and matters of enjoyment also come under the rule of Shukra. E.g. Vehicle (Venus is the ruler of vehicle comfort), comfortable furniture, TV, fridge, washing machine etc.

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Venus is the real sensuality and beauty frenzy. So fragrant flowers, perfumes, mind-blowing concerts, exhilarating dances or singing, cinema, plays, rangoli displays, natural beauty, frenzied drinks i.e. liquor and intoxicants. Substance, the sweetness of Venus also indicates sweet and savory foods.

Venus is the lord of demons. Jupiter who is the master of gods. Shukra had the Sanjeevani Vidya which he also lacked. So I think Venus should also be considered as Vidyakaraka. There is also such an experience. But if Venus is afflicted in the horoscope, such people are found to be intelligent but use their knowledge for evil or anti-social work. Just as Shukracharya used his intellect and knowledge for demons, people are also seen doing things like planning anti-social activities, creating computer viruses.

Venus nurtures talents. A strong Venus in the chart makes the person cheerful, optimistic and happy. Venus has a lot of importance in the chart as these qualities are necessary for success and satisfaction in life.

Venus is a female planet and is the planet of Rajoguni and water element. Venus is the ruler of the south-east direction. Venus is considered to be deity Indrani (wife of Indra). But worshiping this deity is futile. Instead, worship of any goddess (but excluding Shakti deities like Kalimata, Chandika, Durgadevi) is fruitful. According to some, the deity of Venus is considered to be Lakshmi. The color of Venus is auspicious, Parva or Kabra and the gem of Venus is diamond.

Temperament – Exuberant, luxurious, luxurious, fond of comparison, aesthetic outlook, sensual, addictive. Attractive, charming and sexy personality, artist, romantic, light-hearted attitude, easy to mix with the opposite sex, fond of fashion and elegance, neatness, prudishness, playful, youthful frivolity, enthusiasm, deep attachment to life, satisfied, satisfied, happy .

Body parts– Throat, throat, larynx, eyes. Sperm, uterus, sexual organs, bladder, kidneys, chin, cheeks, – hair follicles.

Disease / Ailment – Throat, Throat, Eyes etc. All related disorders, alcohol related disorders eg. Liver psoriasis, inflammation of the liver, jaundice etc. Also sexually transmitted diseases, genital diseases, uterine and bladder diseases etc. related disorders, skin diseases like eczema, scabies, menstrual problems in women, acne on the face, hair loss, also indigestion caused by overeating, diabetes etc. Illness, semen defect, dream defect, impotence, anemia, rickets etc.

Occupation– Artist, singer, dancer etc. Painters, Sculptors, Silk Merchants, Jewelery & Ornament Dealers, Jewellers, Drivers, Garage Owners, Vehicles, Petrol Pumps, Linen Dealers, Plastics, Rubber & Fiber Goods, Horticulture, Flower & Fruit Dealers, Juice Centres, Brewery & Sales, Sugar Manufacturers, sweet shops, cotton manufacturers, perfumers, scents, as well as cosmetics, kashida embroiderers, rangoli and mehndi artists, beauty parlours, tea-coffee and stimulants e.g. Opium, brown sugar etc. Related Businesses, Manufacturers and Dealers of Woolen Goods, Textiles, Cloth Shops, Tailoring, Aphrodisiacs and Pills, Contraceptives, Ophthalmologists, Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Spectacle Shops, Glass, Mica, etc. Related Businesses, Furniture Businesses, Interior Decorators Mandap Decorators, Light Fixtures, Toilet Accessories, Engravers, Nurses, Photography, Sculptors, Cow-Buffalo and Pet Related Businesses, Veterinarians, Ladies Wear, Sarees-Blouses etc. Traders of, actors and workers in cinema-drama, sellers of ornamental and beauty goods (novelty goods).

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My experience – If there is a Venus-Mars or Venus-Rahu alliance in the horoscope, there will be a love affair (not necessarily a love marriage. For love marriage, you should study the rules of ‘Marriage and marital harmony’ in the Faladesh section. However, the Venus-Mars or Venus-Rahu alliance complements and nourishes the love marriage. sure are).

If Venus is in a low sign

If Venus is in a low sign in the chart or Saturn is aspecting it, there is a possibility of late marriage. Marriage and marital harmony, love marriage and vehicle yoga etc. Questions are asked a lot. If Venus and Mars are in Ruling, it shows quarrels and separation between husband and wife, while Venus in Sahu Ruling, especially Libra and Swati Nakshatra, questions about divorce or horoscopes with such Yoga come up. If Venus comes as lagna lord or rasi lord in Ruling then the incident usually happens between 15th May to 14th June or 17th October to 17th November.

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