Why does a person need an astrologer or Astrology?

Astrology is a knowledge that people believe that may be beneficial for solving many life problems. It also provides reassurance about the future bringing people great comfort and reducing their feelings of distress. Astrology can be appealing to them because they believe it can give them a hit of good luck that might bolster them to seek other forms of internal reinforcement. It might also be that it is an illusion of control. 

A person when they feel they face problems by the reason of some planetary disorders or some vastu related problems then they need astrologer’s advice for the solution of those. Because the astrologer checks your vastu and the planetary placings by the use of the science of Astrology and gets the solutions. 

An astrologer can decode the chart and describe your inner world like personality traits, love life, finances, professional life, marriage, marriage partners, parents, children, siblings, and friends. Just about any issue can be studied and discussed. Your birth chart is a map identifying potentialities. That’s the reason why a person needs an astrologer or astrology.

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